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Does Chris Holtmann need to be let go? What needs to change with Ohio State Basketball?

Ohio State this season has more talent than they’ve had in quite some time. Five-star Scotty Middleton is already on several NBA Scout draft boards, yet he isn’t getting the role or playing time most Buckeye fans were hoping for. Another freshman Devin Royal is another super talented piece the Buckeyes got. He’s a 6’6 210 PF who is extremely physical and smart with the basketball. This is a very bully style of play, yet it has a great finish with finesse.

Devin Royal

Buckeye fans wanted a bigger role and more playing time for him as well. Ohio State had a great start to the season, going 8-1 with a win over Alabama. Ohio State is now 4-4 since then and recently lost to a very bad Michigan team. Ohio State under Chris Holtmann has had the tendency to lose games late. For example, in the game vs. Penn State, Ohio State went up 18 points and found a way to lose the game late.

Ohio State is easily one of the most talented and young teams in the Big Ten, yet they can’t find their stride. There has been speculation about letting go of Chris Holtmann, as this team doesn’t look like they want it mentally, nor do they look prepared. Bruce Thornton has been lackluster with the ball recently and not shooting to his standard. He is easily the Buckeyes best player and is recognized as a top scorer in the country.

Ohio State has lost all rhythm shooting the ball and opened up as the best 3-point shooting team in the Big Ten. Jamison Battle, the Minnesota transfer, has given them a 3-point shooting spark that they desperately need right now. A lot like last season, I believe this team can make a run late in the Big Ten and really challenge the top dogs in the Big Ten, like Wisconsin and Purdue.

Ohio State looked good for most of the game in their recent loss against the Wolverines, and it looked very promising even in a loss. This team is young yet confident with the ball, and when shooting, they’re easily the top 25 team in the nation. If this isn't turned around fast and they lose at home on Saturday vs. Penn State, I can see Chris Holtmann being on notice. He might be in the hot seat if it’s not turned around. This Buckeye team has too much talent to not be a wrecking ball in this already-stacked Big Ten. I expect things to change, and I expect the Buckeye to be great and hot going into March.

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