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Wisconsin vs. Minnesota Border Battle: Post-Game Analysis

The Badgers and the Gophers were going back and forth to start the game. Knocking down 3’s and getting buckets in the paint. The Badgers would go on a run and shut down the Gophers. Then the Gophers would go on a run and shut down the Badgers.

AJ Storr going to the rim.

The Badgers pulled away after all of the back and forth by 10 to go up 34-24 at the end of the first half. The lead going into the half was held by AJ Storr with nine points, Max Klesmit with eight, and Steven Crowl with five.

The Badgers did not do very well in the second half. Still pulled out the win thanks to the first half but got outscored, putting up only 27 points while the Gophers put up 35 points.

The Badgers won the game after Minnesota junior guard Mike Mitchell Jr. got his own rebound and missed the fadeaway 2 to tie the game for the Gophers with what would have been 1 second left on the clock.

Matt Krohn-USA TODAY Sports

The Badgers won 61-59, led by Tyler Wahl with 16 points, followed by AJ Storr with 15 and Max Klesmit with 11. The Badgers ended up holding on by a hair to win their sixth game in a row against the Gophers. Wisconsin MBB will play at home against Michigan State on Saturday.

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