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Taylor Powell: XFL Prospect Interview

The FCS veteran sits down with SSN for a look into his preparation for the XFL Draft and a few things potential draftors should know about him.

  1. What led you to graduate transfer from Northern Arizona to Sacramento State?

"What led me to SacState was the culture of the team. When I arrived I was immediately embraced, and the sense of camaraderie was there from the jump, Along with the success of the program in year one, I did my research and knew that there was going to be championship caliber football being played, which it was."

2. What differentiates you from the dozens of other athletes that may be in the same position, looking for a shot in the XFL, USFL, NFL, etc?

"I think what separates me from other athletes is my love for the game. Since I was six years old, I have been playing the game of football. When I am on the field I pour everything I have into playing because that’s how much respect I have for the game I love."

3. What's the most valuable lesson you've learned in your playing career?

"One of the most valuable lessons I learned was understanding the value of connections made through football. Getting to know and understand your teammates is very important because everyone comes from different backgrounds and has their own story."

4. Is there any thing you wish you could change about how your career has unfolded?

"I wouldn’t change one single thing because everything that has happen up to this point has developed me into a strong minded player who knows how to handle adversity. However, I would go back to a younger version of myself during high school and stress the importance of schoolwork and mobility."

5. What's your best attribute on the playing field?

"My best attribute is my speed on the field which helps me cover ground and play sideline to sideline. My high football IQ also enhances the speed I am able to play at by knowing what is going on before the ball is snapped."

6. What can an XFL team expect from you should they draft you?

"Any team weather XFL or NFL or any other professional league can expect a player that is going to come in work hard. A player that loves the game of football and will come to compete everyday."


Thus concludes our quick interview with Taylor; we appreciate his time in letting us catch up with him. Be sure to look out for Taylor as the XFL Draft approaches in November. Powell is a 6'1 225lb LB/SS that is being touted as a favorite sleeper pick. He brings valuable experience from one of FCS' best leagues where he finished his career with 179 tackles (79 solo), 6.5 sacks, and 2 pick sixes. We wish Taylor the best of luck in the upcoming draft and look forward to seeing where he lands.

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