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Rising 2025 LB/TE Gets Offer from Cal

Carter Jones is the most recent offer from Cal. As a class of 2025 he does not have a rating as of yet but if he is already receiving offers from P5 schools he will be ranked soon. Carter has already drawn interest and been offered from FSU, Louisville, UTEP, Oregon State, and Charlotte. His list will continue to grow over the next few years as the potential from his tape is catching the eyes of solid teams so far. He is a dual threat player lining up as either a LB or a TE. When he progresses throughout high school his potential for either position will be clearer.

What I see from the tape: Playing both LB and TE is physically demanding. When playing LB, the first thing that jumps out to me is his down hill running ability to clog up the lanes for the runners. He has good speed and displays technique tackling ability by getting low on the ball carrier to force them down. Shows the ability to play good zone coverage and stays home on coverage plays to defend the run or pass. As a TE Carter is a bruiser when it comes to running the ball. Does a solid job blocking for the ball handler as he delivers pops to knock defenders off balance. From what I see I believe he will be a LB at the next level.

Was able to catch up with Carter about his offer. The offer caught him by surprise as he was not expecting it to happen. He is thankful for the program in believing in him and giving him the wonderful experience when he was able to visit. Carter has knowledge of how Cal can provide him a great education as well as top competition playing in the Pac-12. When he was visiting, he was able to spend time with the coaches and caught up with his old teammate Derrick Wilkins who currently plays for the football team. So far, he is enjoying the recruitment process as he is most excited about meeting coaches from all over and seeing the unique styles, they bring to the table for him. Carter wants Cal fans to know he is a dedicated worker on and off the field. He is a natural leader and wants to make an impact on his teammates by holding them accountable. He wants to be known as a sponge by the coaches and soak in all the information they can give him so he can be the best player he can be.

Final Analysis: Carter may be a 2025 recruit, but he is humble and seems mature for his age. As he progresses through high school to be a TE or a LB, he will need to add another 20-30 pounds. With his speed and chase down ability it only causes nightmares for whoever is blocking him or trying to tackle him. As offers will continue to pile up for him he will be someone to watch as a rising star in the 2025 class. He has a solid start so far and it is only a matter of time before the word gets out about his potential. His fundamentals are there and will progressively get better with his determination. Whatever position he decides to play he will anchor that side of the ball.


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