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Micconope1851 making FSU’s NIL relevant

FSU has two Major NIL platforms, one being Micconope 1851.

Micconope 1851 is referred to as a NIL hybrid model. The Founders, Michael Underwood and James Coleman, came together with student-athletes 100% in mind; money was never the goal. The model is set on the foundation of four equals forty. James Coleman explains, “That it’s about setting the student-athletes up for the next 40 years in the 4 years that they are with FSU, and it’s about giving the athletes the tools and Alumni connections to be successful for years after their collegiate athletic careers.”

Michael Underwood and James Coleman added an additional member to Micconope 1851 with Chris Frazier, whom already having relationships with many of the FSU athletes, being named to Board Director of Player Relations.

Micconope 1851 has recently announced it’s partnership with national brands such as: Zip Recruiter, Fabletics, Uber,

The Announcement is record-setting, with Micconope 1851 holding the Largest Nil Deal to-date for FLorida State University. This hybrid model is eligible to all 500+ male and female student-athletes to receive and complete NIL Deals on a monthly basis.

While this is huge for FSU it is not all that the hybrid has to offer.

Micconope 1851 is hard structured on education. The Educational side of this hybrid model is set to bring in FSU Alumni Bankers, CPAs, Investors, and former FSU Athletes to educate and to mentor current student-athletes on how to become successful during and after sports.

If fans want to get involved, Micconope 1851 has a way for fans to donate to the educational side to help pay for venues and all educational needs. I will add the link here

Micconope 1851 feels strongly on giving back to the Seminole Tribe of Florida who gifts us the rights to use the cherished Osceola, Renegade, and the respected name Seminoles by setting up a Seminole Native Scholarship Donation Fund.

Each Seminole student can apply by writing an essay, choosing between multiple subjects, and then will be graded to decide on the student who will receive each of the scholarships. Each student who is chosen will be awarded $1,851 in scholarship funds. So, the more donations to this fund the more scholarships that are made available. If fans would like to get involved this is the link here

Statements from Micconope 1851

“We don’t look at other FSU NIL platforms as competition; we believe we are here to complement each other and work together to benefit and educate each student-athlete. As we seek success in this landscape, we want others to succeed just as well; because, if we all succeed it ultimately means the student-athletes succeed.”

Micconope 1851 is a third-party entity not affiliated with FSU.

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