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Why the Spurs should draft a Center in the 1st round

Nearly one year ago, the Spurs got their franchise guy in Victor Wembanyama. This past year, though it wasn’t the best season for San Antonio, only winning 22 games. Now let’s talk about the Spurs core. Obviously, Victor is the top guy paired with a couple of solid young forwards in Keldon Johnson, and Jeremy Scohan. The PG Situation is dull with only Tre Jones really and a couple of younger guys. Then Devin Vassell at Shooing guard.

The first need for this team is Definitely Point Guard. With picks 4 and 8 in this draft, they will definitely be able to take either Nikola Topic or Rob Dillingham. Let's say they use the number 4 pick on one of those Pgs.

Now, leaving the Number 8 Pick, In the latest ESPN Mock Draft, they have Tidjane Salaun going to San Antonio at 8 and in the Latest Bleacher Report Mock draft they have the Spurs selecting Ron Holland. So, many people think the spurs will go after a forward with that 8 overall pick.

What San Antonio should do but Probably will not It’s simple. San Antonio needs to take a PG. They should also take a center.

People don’t realize, but Victor played the 4 for most of the season. So, depending on how the first 3 picks go, if Donovan Clingan is available at 4, they should take him and if not take a PG at 8, they can either maybe trade down a few spots depending on the board, and draft Zach Edey.

Zach Edey and Victor wouldn't be as crazy as it seems. Edey playing the 5 and Victor at the 4 could be a nightmare for opposing teams, so why not take a gamble?

San Antonio has the most draft picks in the next 5 years at 27, with 15 of them being first rounders. That’s why they should take a gamble

on Edey or Clingan, because if it doesn’t work out it really won't matter that much in the long run.

We’ve seen Timmy D and The Admiral Win Championships, so why not do the same once again?

Coach Popovich knows this and that’s why I think it’s a real possibility.

So do you think the Spurs should draft a Big Man in the top 10?

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