• Graham Smith

Where Did Respect for Mid-Majors Go?

The 2000s saw numerous Group of 5 schools rise to the upper echelon of programs, notably Boise State and TCU. Why has the AP and CFB Playoff Committee lost respect for these teams in the last decade and can they ever gain it back?

#2 Boise State 2010

Have you been missing the days of rooting for an underdog to claim the first Group of 5 national title since BYU in 1984? I know I have! Here is a list of all Non-Power Conference team that cracked the AP Top 10 in the last 20 years. Also included in this list are the rump Big East teams left over after the Miami, Virginia Tech, Boston College exodus in 2004/05. Teams that were once dominant Mid-Majors like Utah, Louisville, and TCU have all moved on to greener pastures in the Power Five since their BCS busting days. Pay attention to the trend in recent years; we have a severe lack of representation of Mid-Majors that is detracting from Colleg