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Tom Brady is retiring from the NFL

Reports are coming out from many people including Jeff Darlington and Adam Schefter. That Tom Brady is retiring from football after twenty-two seasons and seven Super Bowl titles.

After losing to the Rams last weekend. He knew that game was the last time he would play on a football field as a quarterback.

Tom Brady has nothing to feel bad about. Many people consider him the greatest of all time and I agree with them. Brady's decision to retire does not come as a surprise to anyone. Factors leading hm to retire include his health and his family. The man is 44 years old so it had to come sooner than later. We all wish Tom Brady the best for what comes after football.

Tom Brady ends his historic twenty-two career with records such as 624 passing touchdowns and 84,250 passing yards. He will end his career by playing with only two teams (Buccaneers and Patriots). Brady joins Ben Roethlisberger has the next hall of famer quarterback to retire this season.

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