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The NBA Rundown


The NBA Rundown


Written by: Shael Plofsky

Milwaukee Bucks 118 @ Philadelphia 76ers 109

The reigning, defending, world champions went to Philadelphia to take on the short handed sixers. Andre “Penguin” Drummond was an absolute unit once again and grabbed more rebounds than Urban Meyer grabbed other things. Tyrese “Mad” Maxey was a silent assassin as he went for 31 points and had his hair flopping around the court all night. Giannis “American Smoothie” Antetokounmpo is one of the greatest talents the NBA has ever seen. Another night with 30+ points and 15+ rebounds is nothing new for the Greek Freak. Grayson “Typical Duke Player” Allen scored 25 in the win and didn’t try to trip anyone down the court. Bobby “Shmurda” Portis was ‘Shmoney’ with his high energy play. Pat Connaughton jumps high.

Atlanta Hawks 98 @ Utah Jazz 110

What is going on with the Atlanta Hawks this year. They dropped this game and now are 4-8. Trae “Need’s a haircut” Young scored 27 but yet another game not shooting great from the field. It is a look good, feel good league, and he does not look good. Clint “Eastwood” Capela needed to go West to finally record a double-double and play well. Gorgui Dieng didn’t score in the loss. No one on Atlanta wanted to box out Rudy “Microphone” Gobert as they were probably scared he would spread the virus to them. Donovan Mitchell “& Ness” didn’t cap with his play today. He scored an easy 27 points and helped the Jazz pull away with the win. Hasaan Whiteside still wants his 2k rating raised.

Portland Trail Blazers 109 @ Los Angeles Clippers 117

One thing that must be noted is that Reggie Jackson over 2.5 three pointers needs to be a play every single day if you sports bet. Responsibility double your net worth on Reggie. PG13 continues to be a dark horse MVP candidate staying under the radar. Nic Batum dunking the ball is always something that doesn't seem possible but he seems to amaze us every year. Damian “Lewis” Lillard needs to band with his brothers in Portland because this year has been a struggle. Lillard and Tony “Goat” Snell combined for 30 points in the tough loss. Robert “Key-lime” Covington has had a rollercoaster, or waterslide of a season this year. At least this game was on TNT and everyone loves a good TNT game on the west coast.

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