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SEC Tournament Predictions and Preview

The SEC tournament kicks off today down and Tampa and it’s shaping up to be a thriller! The SEC is as strong as it has ever been and could make for early exits for some of the top teams!

Staring tonight, I have Ole Miss taking out Mizzou in the early game. Not much of an upset, but this could be a fun game to watch, if you enjoy bad basketball. In the late Wednesday game I have Vandy beating Georgia for a third time this season and ending the Tom Crean run in Athens. They say it’s hard to beat a good team three times but the good news for Vanderbilt is, Georgia isn‘t a good team.

In Thursday’s slate of games I pretty much have all chalk with the exception Mississippi State beating the higher seed South Carolina. Neither are great but I lile the toughness from the bulldogs. I haven’t seen much from Frank Martin‘a Gamecocks, but I don’t believe they will be able to overcome Iverson Molinar.

From there on out I have the higher seed always advancing which means the top four seeds will make the semi-finals. This is where it could get interesting. I think Kentucky will handle Tennessee by 7-8 points and be ahead most of the game. The game to watch, in my humble opinion, will be Auburn vs Arkansas. Both teams are very good and very dangerous. Also, neither team is great away from their home arena. I think Auburn has slightly more talent woth Jabari Smith and Walker Kessler, and that should allow them to squeak out a win. However, don’t be quick to count out JD Notae and the Razorbacks. They have beaten the tigers once already and will be confident they can do it again. I picked Auburn, but between me and you, I don’t feel confident in my choice.

If everything shakes out like how I expect it to, that will mean Kentucky and Auburn will meet again in the SEC Championship game. This is a game Kentucky fans have been wanting since the Cats lost at Auburn when TyTy Washington and Sahvir Wheeler were out most of the game but looked dominant early. This will be a home game for the Wildcats thanks to Big Blue Nation and we have seen how poor Auburn plays when they don’t have the crowd or home whistle. As long as Kentlucky stays healthy I think the Cats bring the title home to Lexington. To add to the excitement, it is more likely than not, whoever advances farther in the SEC tournament between Kentucky and Auburn will lock up a 1 seed for the NCAA Tournament while the other gets the 2 seed. This factor could make Sunday much more exciting for both fan bases!

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