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Interview with 2026 GK AJ Brown

I got the chance to sit down and interview 2026 Goalkeeper AJ Brown.

Q: How long have you been playing soccer, and what positions do you usually play?

AJ: "I’ve been playing soccer for 10 years, I started when I was five. I play goalkeeper."

Q: Can you describe your playing style and strengths on the field?

AJ: "My play style is mainly possession and building out of the back. One of my main strengths is that I’m very vocal and control the field and flow of the game."

Q: What do you love most about soccer?

AJ: "The thing I love most about soccer is the connections I can make with other players and coaches by playing the sport. It’s the largest sport in the world, so it’s nice to be able to connect."

Q: Have you played for any club teams or participated in any tournaments or competitions? If so, which ones and what were your experiences like?

AJ: "I play for Alabama FC (AFC) in Birmingham, and we have regular tournaments and league games. I’ve also competed in things such as the GACA All Star Game, and I attend a few college ID Camps to get my name out. The experiences are great, and I love connecting with teammates and competing!"

Q: What are your short-term and long-term goals in soccer?

AJ: "My short term goals for soccer are to improve my basics and skills and get my name out there. My long term goals are to play college soccer and possibly go further."

Q: How do you balance your commitment to soccer with your academic or work responsibilities?

AJ: "I have two teachers for parents, so I really put the student athlete first. I kept a 4.0 GPA in my first year of high school while starting varsity soccer for my school."

Q: What accomplishment in your soccer career are you most proud of?

AJ: "My biggest achievements in soccer so far are going to the Berry College ID camp, where I won keeper MVP of the camp out of 150 kids and 30 keepers, and winning second team all-region in my first high school season of varsity soccer."

Q: Do you have any other hobbies or interests outside of soccer?

AJ: "One of my other favorite hobbies outside of soccer is participating in my school’s stem program, attending church youth group events, and spending time with family and friends."

Q: Do you have a favorite pro soccer team or favorite soccer player?

AJ: "My favorite pro team has to be Atlanta United because it’s close to home and we go watch frequently, but my favorite player is Liverpool’s keeper Allison."

Q: You have to sum up your soccer career in one word. What would it be?

AJ: "To sum up my soccer career in one word it would have to be determination."

Make sure to follow AJ's Twitter: @AJBrown2007

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