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Interview with 2024 AM Elise Hums

I got the chance to sit down and interview 2024 Attacking Midfielder and Marietta College commit Elise Hums.

Q: How long have you been playing soccer, and what positions do you usually play?

Elise: "So I’ve been playing soccer for 13 years now, and typically I play the attacking midfielder or the outside wing."

Q: Can you describe your playing style and strengths on the field?

Elise: "Yes! So I feel as though I am a playmaker and love playing fast-paced games! I love creating opportunities for my teammates. My strengths are definitely how much I talk and lead on the field, as well as my knowledge of the game of soccer."

Q: What do you love most about soccer?

Elise: "To me, soccer is my escape from whatever is going on in my life. No matter how stressed I am or how bad my day has been, I know that whenever I go to soccer, I can be the best version of myself and let everything go. I also love the support system that soccer has brought me, whether that be teammates or coaches."

Q: Have you played for any club teams or participated in any tournaments or competitions? If so, which ones and what were your experiences like?

Elise: "Yes! I have been to a number of clubs in my area but have found my home at Dayton Players Academy! We compete at many levels, such as OSSL, GLC, and NPL! We compete in showcases as well, but mainly focus on league play. I’ve always had pretty good experiences with clubs, but so far, the past few years with my club have made me grow tremendously as a person on and off the field. I’ve truly found my family on a team!"

Q: How do you balance your commitment to soccer with your academic or work responsibilities?

Elise: "I really do try to focus on my schooling, as I am a student first. As for the season, I am definitely always making sure that I have every event planned out that I have during the week. I typically make a schedule throughout the week where I set aside time to get school done. My academics are super important to me, so I always try to be on top of things."

Q: What are your short-term and long-term goals in soccer?

Elise: "For me, my short-term goals are to improve my strength and skills on the ball. As for the long term, I want to improve my leadership skills to be the best teammate I can be and also play a key role in my future team at Marietta!"

Q: What made you choose Marietta College?

Elise: "I first went on campus in October 2022 and absolutely fell in love with the college. Not only was the soccer team super welcoming, but it just felt like I belonged there. The education and science program was something I really liked as well. I never found another place that made me feel like it was my home as much as Marietta College did!"

Q: What accomplishment in your soccer career are you most proud of?

Elise: "So I have had two ACL tears within two years of each other, one at 12 and the same one again at 14 years old. So probably the recovery process from that As well as working hard to come back and become a better and stronger player, both mentally and physically."

Q: Do you have any other hobbies or interests outside of soccer?

Elise: "I am a varsity cheerleader for my school's basketball team, and I also run track! also work at a kitchen where I get to bake and help cater events. I love cooking for my family and friends as well!"

Q: Do you have a favorite pro soccer team or favorite soccer player?

Elise: "My favorite pro soccer team is obviously the USWNT. I love how they use their voice and have always tried to fight for what they believe! Personally, though, my favorite player is Emily Sonnett. I think she is not only a great player, but I just think she is so funny."

Q: You have to sum up your soccer career in one word. What would it be?

Elise: "Hard-fought, no matter what has been thrown my way i have always found a way to fight through and make myself a better player and person!"

Make sure to follow Elise's Twitter: @elise_hums

Keep an eye out on @SSN_NCAASoccer for more interviews. While you are there, make sure to drop a follow.

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