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Hunter Renfrow The Most Talented Average Guy Ever

Hunter Renfrow- National Champion- Starting NFL Wide Receiver- Very Average Guy

Not only does the photo above prove that Hunter Renfrow is America’s favorite average guy wide receiver, but look at that dad bod, it goes to show that Renfrow was crushing Ultras all weekend. Just like any other average guy at the beach would, I might add. Looking at that stomach, how could this guy have the same job DK Metcalf has? But never-the-less he is in the league thriving and I couldn’t be more here for it than I already am!

Renfrow is a true inspiration for all the average guys out there playing football with their washed up buddies believing that the NFL dream is still alive. Also, for every intramural flag football player that is going way too hard for the situation, remember, “If Hunter Renfrow can do it so can I”. This is all without mentioning that Renfrow was a walk-on at Clemson, which really just adds to his story of being the most talented average guy ever.

I would imagine if Hunter Renfrow was not in the NFL, he would be selling Life Insurance door-to-door. As one average guy to another, Hunter Renfrow, I cheers you with my casual Monday night Natural Light with dinner. Keep being a winner for us average guys. Just because our waistlines are a little larger, and our alcohol consumption is a little greater, doesn’t mean we cannot do great things.

Here’s to you our fearless leader, and all the average guys out there who are America’s Backbone.

-Nick Arcuri

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