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Football Talk w/ Jake Crain + Arch Manning to Texas + NFL QB Battles | Episode 26

Brendan, Tom and Will are back for Episode 26 of the All Out Blitz Podcast.

  • NFL and College Football talk with Jake Crain from Crain and Company. Jake talks about his background in coaching and what got him into the sports podcasting world. What are his thoughts on SEC expansion? How about Oklahoma & new head coach Brent Venables? Who will be the best first year head coach in the NFL? Also, Jake takes on the Rapid Fire Question Challenge.

  • Arch Manning to Texas Reactions. Brendan explains why the commitment of Arch Manning could shift the tide of Texas football.

  • Dumb Takes Ft. Danny Kanell. Brendan explains why Danny Kanell’s latest take on playoff expansion is ridiculous and dumb.

  • Bill Clark Retires. Brendan rehashes on Bill Clark’s incredible career at UAB and why he might be the most underrated coach in College Football history.

  • NFL QB Battle Predictions. Tom and Will predict who starts Week 1 at various NFL franchises. Who wins the job at Carolina? Seattle? Pittsburgh? Atlanta?

Watch or listen to the replay of Episode 26 below. Subscribe to the YouTube channel. Follow us on Spotify and drop a 5-star review!


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