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Can Wisconsin bounce back? Badgers vs Ohio State Preview

This is a big game for the Badgers. The Badgers have lost four straight, and losing another could cause them to drop out of the rankings. The Badgers were once 6th but have dropped to 20 following the losses to Nebraska, Purdue, Michigan, and Rutgers.

(Sue Ogrocki, Associated Press Archives)

The Badgers are running into the problem of sloppy turnovers. They have turned the ball over a ton. Sloppy passes miss communication and loses the dribble. 

The Badgers have also struggled with their shot selections. The Badgers aren’t getting the separation they need to take quality shots. A lot of their shots seem forced.

Ohio State is coming off a win against Maryland and a couple of possession losses. The Badgers are coming off four straight losses. Ohio State seems to have the momentum coming off their win, but it could easily be shifted with the Badgers playing at the Kohl Center. The Badgers did beat Ohio State on the road, 71–60.


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