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Brian Kelly takes jab at Nick Saban over potential SEC nine game conference schedule

Updated: Mar 9, 2023

In this day and age, you must play the best or you'll get left behind in the eyes of the college football playoff committee.

Done are the days of depending on an old computerized system to dictate the national championship. It's all about the eye test and that's where Brian Kelly says, "I want to play the best."

In what seems to be a shot toward Alabama head coach Nick Saban, who seemed to complain about having to play the likes of Tennessee, LSU and Auburn on an annual basis, which seems a little moronic.

Last Friday, Ross Dellenger of Sports Illustrated reported a possible scenario for what the SEC teams' permanent rivals will look like.

If the SEC does indeed move toward the 3-6-6 scheduling concept beginning in 2024 it's possible to see a three-loss team make the playoff.

To be fair, the conference will likely make its decision for permanent rivals weighted off how each program has performed over the past decade. That in its own makes sense, but the complaining about schedule strength is laughable due to the sheer fact of Alabama's run of dominance since 2008 under Saban.

The same scenario is already in place with the Big Ten, too. The conference will expand with USC and UCLA joining in 2024.

It is possible that this rivalry between these two coaches is just beginning. Kelly has already made a grand entrance in the conference and won't be backing down.

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