• Graham Smith

Why 2020 was BYU's Year to Make the Playoff

They said no Group of 5 Team could do it, BYU aimed to prove otherwise.

Since the inception of the College Football Playoff in 2014, many have wondered, is it ever possible for a non-Power 5 school to make the Playoff? 2017 UCF being the poster-child of scorned Group of 5 contenders, having beaten an Auburn team that previously defeated both National Championship participants (Alabama & Georgia). Detractors point to the relative ease of UCF's schedule as the reason for their exclusion. "If 2016 Houston had won out they could have made it" is usually the lip-service given to the Group of 5 schools who complain to the powers that be. What made that 2016 Houston team different though? A fantastic schedule with quality non-conferenc