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Where To Watch UCF Football This Season

Article by Andrew Cherico, Photo by Jim Marshall

UCF Football is right around the corner and it is coming to us at the biggest stage we’ve ever participated in, the ever-growing Big 12 Conference. UCF has tons to prove to everyone entering one of the biggest conferences in the nation. With much anticipation, everybody wants to see UCF in the Big 12. This begs the question, where will you be able to watch our beloved Knights?

There are many avenues to contemplate when deciding how you want to watch UCF Football. First, individuals with cable can view a few games on their local Fox and ESPN/ABC channels.

In terms of viewing the games from streaming services, there are a few that are worth the price you will be paying for the number of games you can view. The channels needed to watch all the games this season are ABC, Fox, FS1, ESPN, ESPN2, ESPNU, and ESPN+.

In my opinion, the best deal to watch all of UCF’s regular season games this year is Hulu + Live TV($69.99 / Month). With this package, you will gain access to ESPN+ as well as the Fox Sports channels UCF will appear on, meaning you will receive access to nearly every UCF regular season game.

If you have another avenue of getting the FOX games purchasing the ESPN+ ($9.99 / Month) package is another viable option where you would be able to watch some regular season games exclusive to ESPN+.

Other streaming services you can also purchase to watch UCF Football are, YouTube TV ($72.99 / Month) you will receive access to all channels but ESPN+, Sling Orange + Blue ($55 / Month) you will receive ESPN and Fox Sports but no ABC, FOX, and ESPN+, Fubo Pro ($74.99 / Month) every channel but ESPNU and ESPN+, You are also able to buy Fubo Elite if you want ESPNU ($84.99 / Month), Lastly, DirecTV Stream Choice ($99.99 / Month) which contains all the channels except ESPN+.

Overall, there will be many places to watch our Knights take the field this season. Whether you already own a streaming service or are planning to purchase one, carefully consider your options to get the best value for your buck!  

UCF Football is coming soon with our first game being August 31 at 7 p.m. ET against Kent State at home. The game will be broadcasted on FS1. The schedule is attached below, Let’s have fun this season and Go Knights! Charge On!

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