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Southern Miss Struggles in Season Opener vs Liberty

The overtime loss to an offensive struggling Liberty team was a tough one to swallow. The fan support on this Saturday evening was sub par and that's the performance we received from our Golden Eagles.

Offensively it seems we still have no identity with a quarterback. The Superback is BACK but I don't think it's a good thing. Superback limits us offensively and only allows us to be one dimensional. Frank Gore Jr. had an awesome night running the ball but again the young man can not carry us like this for the entire season.

Quarterback play was not up to par. I would like to challenge coach Hall to get the, freshman, Wilke an opportunity. It seems there is not a lot of trust in Trey Lowe. Coach Hall has a very good offensive mind but I think the Superback is below his expectations as a play caller. He is a brilliant football mind.

Defensively: defense played great, even though it seemed that both sides were on the field for the same amount of tine but I promise you, with 3 turnovers in the first half, Liberty got more opportunities than our Golden Eagles. We didn't adjust to their QB's scramble ability. We should have had a spy on the QB, especially late in the game on 3rd and longs. Overall, I was impressed with Defense and how well they competed all night.

Recruitment: Losing games like this hinders us in recruitment. We battle Liberty in recruitment for a lot of our 3 star guys. The Superback hurts us as well because if I was a WR why would I want a RB throwing me passes. Everybody goes to college to get a degree and play on Sundays. We have to win to finish this great class.

Overall, we are better than last year. Coach Hall will adjust and we will win. We hired coach Hall because he is a winner and these men will play for him. I would like to get Brownlee and this explosive WR core more involved. We have a tough opponent next week but we are looking for strong strides offensively and looking for continued success by the defense. We should be in the game in the first half versus Miami.


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