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Ranking Bowl Games By Name

Believe it or not the 2020 college football season has reached the end of the regular season. This weekend we have the long anticipated string of conference championship games, followed quickly by bowl season. This year is a little strange as we have bowl games starting two days after conference champions are crowned, but it's 2020 so it fits right in. To get you prepared for bowl season here is the definitive ranking of the 2020 bowl games based on nothing but their name.

32. New Mexico Bowl

The New Mexico starts a run of bowl games who do not have a title or presenting sponsor. Of course, there's nothing wrong with that, but it does make the names a little boring. The New Mexico Bowl checks in last on the Name Rankings because it is literally named after the state in which it is played. The bowl creators sat together in a room and said, "Well, the game will take place in New Mexico, so we'll call it the New Mexico Bowl." The best (and most 2020) part of this name is that due to COVID-19 restrictions in New Mexico the game will be taking place in Frisco, Texas. The game named only for the state in which it exists will not even take place in that state. 2020 man.

31. Montgomery Bowl.