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Philly Radio Caller Ignores Hit And Run To Talk Trash About Ben Simmons

You read that headline correctly.

James, a Philadelphia sports fan from Northeast Philly, was calling into 94.1 WIP’s morning show with Angelo Cataldi to vent about Ben Simmons when he was the victim of a hit and run accident.

Cataldi confirmed that the caller was involved in a hit and run live on the air. The caller’s response?

“Yeah, and they’re driving off. It’s okay. Anyways, I’m calling about Ben Simmons.”

Cataldi, surely in disbelief, responded by asking:

“You just got in a car accident and you’re calling about Ben Simmons?”

James reply was pure gold:

“Yeah. Because he annoys me more than someone hitting my car and driving off.”

Oh, and that’s not all. James went on to have a lengthy conversation with Cataldi about Ben Simmons, making a seemingly effortless transition from car wreck to radio call.

“I wanna talk about how annoying Ben Simmons is because it makes me sick that he is lying about mental health…”

Cataldi awarded James the “Winner of the week,” prize, which is given to one radio caller per week, and let James know that 94.1 WIP would “Get a lawyer for him.”

It goes to show you just how emotionally tolling the Ben Simmons saga has been on Philadelphia sports fans. Being a victim in a hit-and-run car wreck not only didn’t grasp James’ full attention, but seemed like a complete afterthought.

The Ben Simmons saga keeps getting weirder and weirder. I’m praying the Sixers deal Simmons in the coming weeks and James doesn‘t get screwed by his insurance company.

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