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Mike Leach: Meme Legend

No one loves a good meme more than me. NO ONE. Mike Leach is both a great meme creator and a meme himself. I never considered fandom of Mississippi State until now. Not only is Leach a meme legend, he just took down an #6 LSU team that was on a 16-game win streak. I know you’re asking, “But what are these memes I keep hearing of?” Buckle in ladies and gents, you’re about to go on a wild ride.

Analysis: Granted, Leach is a 59-year-old white male. His memes still hit home though. I mean look at this. You’ve got a skid mark in a damn parking lot. Who is even doing that in a parking lot in the first place?! On top of this, you have a duck sitting at the PRECISE spot where the skid mark ends. I certainly got a chuckle out of that. Overall, the meme does fit into the middle-aged white male category however. I’ll give it a 5/10.

Analysis: Now this, this a good meme. He’s bringing in a lot of categories here. Anytime the three words pumpkin, spice, and latte are in the same sentence, Starbucks lovers and white girls will come crawling. Granted, I don’t quite think Becky cares enough to stop ordering that latte even if the pumpkin looks like this after draining its spice. That face has despair written all over it though. In addition, this meme comes out right as we head into white girl pumpkin spice craze season. I think this meme is funny across all categories of meme types. I’ll give this one a 9/10. Just superb stuff here by Leach.

Analysis: You’re not going to get this meme if you’ve never seen Pirates of the Caribbean before. If you have seen the first one though, damnit this is funny. The best part about Leach’s memes is that he knows some of them are garbage. You have to own that when you’re in the white middle-aged male meme category (WMAMMC). And boy, Leach owns it in another meme that some may consider to be cringe, but I consider it to be genius. Whether you like his memes or not, you just keep going back to his Twitter page to see if he's posted anymore. Overall, I think this meme deserves an 8.5/10 just because of the portion that have never seen Pirates of the Caribbean. If you haven’t, have you been living under a rock?

If you’re wondering, the meme legend's Twitter handle is @Coach_Leach. Even if you’re not a Mississippi State fan, he’s worth the follow. If he can keep Mississippi State’s football team on the same track as his meme game, WATCH OUT!

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