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Interview with Coastal Carolina transfer Rudi Williams

Coastal Carolina transfer G Rudi Williams released his Top 8 today. His eight schools are UConn, California, San Diego State, Butler, BYU, George Mason, Wichita State, and Xavier.

From Rudi Williams's Twitter

I talked with Rudi Williams and talked about his Top 8 and what has happened during the second recruiting process.

I asked him about what made these eight schools special to him. He said "What stood out was the opportunity that each school school offered. I can come in and be a impact guy right away at these eight schools."

I also asked about his relationships with any coaches at the eight schools. He said "Yes for sure, I have good relationships with coaches like Coach Kim English (George Mason), Coach Mark Pope and Coach Cody Feuger (BYU), Coach Tom Moore (UConn), and Coach Sean Miller and Coach Dante Jackson (Xavier)."

Williams has visits at Xavier (April 21-23), BYU (April 27-28), and Wichita State (April 29-May 1) so far. He is currently setting up other visits with all of the other schools.

I then asked about his thoughts on his second recruiting process. His response was "I am enjoying the recruiting process this time around because I have a really good idea of what I want for my last stop. I am putting in a lot of time and effort into this decision, so I know it will pay off."

And finally he wants everyone to know what ever school he decides to commit too will be getting a selfless player who is hardworking and will be determined to win.

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