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College Football Talk w/ Big Game Boomer + Buy or Sell NFL Players Edition | Episode 25

Brendan, Tom and Will are back for Episode 25 of the All Out Blitz Podcast.

  • Grading NFL Position Groups Part 2. Tom and Will are back grading random NFL position groups determined by the all mighty “Wheel of Teams”.

  • NEW SEGMENT: Buying or Selling NFL Players Edition. Will and Tom will advise you whose stock you should buy and whose stock you should sell. James Robinson? Cedrick Wilson? Zach Wilson? Aaron Rodgers?

  • College Football Talk with Big Game Boomer. The boys welcome Big Game Boomer to the show to discuss some CFB. Why does he have NC State over Georgia in his latest rankings? How serious are his rankings and lists? Also, BGB takes on the Rapid Fire Question Challenge.

  • Recruiting Update. Brendan takes a peek at the recruiting trail and tells you what you need to know from the past week. How good is Brian Hartline? Can he be a head coach elsewhere? How did Louisville land 5 star RB Rueben Owens?

Watch or listen to the replay of Episode 25 below. Subscribe to the YouTube channel. Follow us on Spotify and drop a 5-star review!

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