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UTEP Football Fans: Be Happy!

Updated: Nov 23, 2021

A team with a winning record at any point in the season should have fans rallying behind them, keeping excitement, optimism and full fandom at it’s highest point! Not throwing shade if a speed bump or two comes along. As fans, we are not in the film rooms, involved with practices or any other preparation that goes in with implementing a full frontal Miner Attack on our opponents! Yet, as we deal with said speed bumps, the thumprint warriors unfortunately become the loudest voices of negativity and magically are experts on how to fix the problem. So I am not wasting another minute on worrying about that right now. I am simply choosing to BE HAPPY NOW!!!

Since October 16, 2021, UTEP FOOTBALL HAS BEEN BOWL ELIGIBLE!!!! In fact, we were one of the first 20 teams in the country to earn bowl eligibility! That means our Miners have been in multiple bowl projections for 5 straight Mondays! How can you have a ”case of the Mondays” (Office Space) when you are consistently being mentioned in a bowl matchup? Today alone we were mentioned to be in the New Mexico Bowl, New Orleans Bowl or the Frisco Bowl in different projections. How sweet is that for a team that has only played in 14 bowl games since their first season in 1914?

For practically the entire season, the Miner defense has had a Top 30 ranking in total defense. The Miners currently sit at #27 in the nation and have had a few weeks residing in the Top 20! Ahead of teams, as of this article, like TAMU, Penn St., Arkansas and Baylor. Huge programs from Power 5 conferences that regularly see the Top 25 in numerous polls. This is definitely something unseen in a long long time, if ever! We even have a Top 30 player in the categories of total sacks, Jadrian Taylor, and total forced fumbles in Praise Amaewhule.

Offensively, we have a wide reciever who is having a phenomenal year and getting some well deserved national attention. Jacob Cowing is currently #7 in the nation in recieving yards with 1,097! He is on a career pace to not only break the all time receiving yards record at UTEP, but can also break the all time record of most games with 100 plus receiving yards. Time and time again, the coaches have called on Jacob to make a play and he has delivered. Along with his stellar play, we are getting big plays from others at WR like Justin Garrett and Tyrin Smith. There’s a stable of RBs like Ronald Awatt and Deion Hankins who are finding the end zone each week! And we have a tremendous offensive line led by guys like Andrew Meyer, Bobby DeHaro and Zuri Henry!

The hype train is so real, that we have even got a few ”transfer” fans cheering on the Miners from afar. Alex Funderburke, current student at the University of Central Florida and his boys Kane Guyer and Tyler Mann, have become some die hard fans this season. So much so that they have traveled to see them in action against FAU in Florida and against UTSA in El Paso. This is absolutely crazy to think that these college kids took time out of their lives to support our guys! Alex, in some circles, has even been dubbed the ”Mayor of El Paso,” as he continues to attract posivitve attention for us at UTEP. Cannot thank him and his friends enough for all the amazing attention they have brought to our program.

I know I am missing players in their hard earned recognition and for that I apologize, but know that I am behind you 100% and am cheering as loud as I possibly can no matter the outcome!. I love my school and will always have the backs of the student-athletes who play for the Miners. You have brought me great joy and happiness this year; For that I am thankful to each and every one of you. Best of luck moving forward as I know there is more excitement to come!

Picks Up and Go Miners!

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