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2024 Way-Too-Early Top 25 College Football Rankings

(Kipp Adams-Dawgs247 )

The last month has been transfer portal chaos, Nick Saban retiring, and teams climbing up the ranks for the 2024–2025 season. Let's take a look at my way-too-Early Top 25.

With teams like Ohio State and Oregon going all in with big-time transfers and recruits, the Big Ten is looking stronger than ever. Texas keeps Quinn Ewers, making them an instant title favorite with arguably the best QB in college football. Penn State also gets another year with Drew Allar and Georgia with Carson Beck. Nick Saban retires, and with that, Alabama loses key players like Caleb Downs to Ohio State and WR Isaiah Bond to Texas. While teams like Michigan, Alabama, and Washington lose their head coaches and other key assistants, these teams have lost key players due to this and aren't looking as strong as last year. 


2. Ohio State


4. Texas

5. Ole Miss

6.  Penn State

7. Alabama 

8.  Notre Dame

9. Missouri 

10. Utah

11. Arizona 

12. Michigan

13. LSU

14. Florida State

15. Oklahoma 

16. Oklahoma State 

17. Tennessee 

18. Clemson 

19. Kansas 

20. NC State 

21. Kansas State

22. Louisville 

23.  Miami

24. Texas A&M

25. Wisconsin 

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