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From 3 victories in 2022, the Texans now have 10 wins and a playoff spot in 2023, with C.J. Stroud at the helm driving their remarkable turnaround.

Before the season started looking at the Texans, they had a rookie coach, a rookie quarterback, and a rookie quarterback. Usually, you think disaster is coming. That could not be further from the truth.

The Texans brought in assistant coach Bobby Slowik from the 49ers. This is a move that doesn’t get talked about enough. He is the new offensive coordinator for the Texans and has been a top-league playcaller. He brings a dynamic offense that we all know and love from the 49ers. This was a huge pick-up for the Texans that went unnoticed. The Texans have the 10th-ranked offense in the NFL.

Now let’s get to what people want to hear. C.J. Stroud and DeMeco Ryans are just the fifth rookie QB and rookie coach to make the playoffs. DeMeco Ryans is in the running for Coach of the Year, and C.J. is the betting favorite for Rookie of the Year. C.J. Stroud has had arguably the greatest rookie season of all time. He has been truly special, and as a Buckeye writer, this truly warms my heart.

C.J. Stroud has always been a special talent and was doubted by several NFL scouts going into the draft. Some said the Texans took a “risk” when picking C.J. Stroud. C.J., before his concussion in Week 14, led the NFL in passing yards. C.J. Stroud broke the NFL rookie record for passing yards in a game and most passes without an interception. It is safe to say C.J. is a generational talent, and the Houston Texans are a household name.

DeMeco Ryans has been better than anyone in the head coaching spot this season. This team has a different energy than we have seen in countless years. He is calm yet super energetic, and he always has the Texans ready for anybody. The Texans are now 10-7 and have clinched a playoff berth, and if the Jaguars lose tomorrow, they are the 4th seed in the AFC playoffs. From 3-13-1 to 10-7 With a playoff berth. What a season for the Houston Texans!

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