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Booming His Way Through UCF

Article by Andrew Cherico. Photo by Jim Marshall

If you did not know his name before the season, you do now. Whether he is getting ready to kick an extra point or a field goal UCF fans have fallen in love with the phenomenon of Colton Boomer and the saying “BOOM!” Boomer started as the kicker at Lake Mary, Florida High School where he earned first-team all-conference honors.

In his transition from high school, while fielding offers, he finally got the call from UCF being offered a preferred walk-on opportunity. He wanted to accept the offer immediately and soon he did.

Boomer got his first chance of action in week three against the FAU Owls after the veteran UCF kicker Daniel Obarskigot benched due to the shaky start going 0/2 on field goal attempts to start the season. Obarski was mildly inconsistent throughout his collegiate career while he was excellent from extra points (111/115, 96.5%) he was only (20/33, 60.6%) from field goals.

Boomer took advantage of his opportunity and made the absolute most of it going 2/2 from field goal range and 4/5 on extra points. UCF head coach Gus Malzahn liked what he saw and continued to give Boomer opportunities.

This was an excellent decision by the front office, and it certainly paid off as Colton Boomer continued to get a full scholarship and: He played 12 games that season; Finished 14/15 on field goals with his only miss being due to a bad snap, and finished 42/43 on extra points; Lead AAC and was eighth in the nation in FG% (.933); Converted 10 extra points vs. Temple to tie the single-game record. (Credit to UCF Athletics Team)

Boomer has had a very strong start as the starting kicker at UCF in their debut season in the BIG 12.  Boomer is 100% in field goal percentage (6/6) as well as extra point percentage (14/14).

These stats also include the simply insane game that Boomer had in week two. In a game where UCF struggled to find the end zone against a tough Boise State defense, Gus had all the confidence in the world in Boomer, and he delivered. Boomer went 4/4 on field goals setting and breaking his own personal yardage record the 1st one being 50 and the 2nd one being 55 yards. On the last drive, Boomer also had all the UCF fans on the edge of their seat as he hit his first game-winning field goal in his collegiate career from 40 yards bringing home the win for UCF 18-16!

After what was the best game in his collegiate career he was asked “How long has he dreamed of moments like that (game-winning field goal)? He replied, “I wouldn’t say I dreamed of it, it’s just my job.”

When Boomer was asked what was going through his mind on the game winning kick he answered, “I just focus on the process, I felt the holy spirit in my body that supernatural ability led the ball through the uprights… The louder they (fans) cheer the better I do.” If you were watching that game at home, there was definitely a supernatural ability that led to the make as the ball started wide right and turned into the posts last second.

When he was asked, “How important the hold and center snap is” he responded, “The amount of work they put in for that ball to go through the uprights, I’ll never be able to repay them. People don’t understand how much a snapper, holder, and line means to the kicker” In this situation, he is talking about his snap-holder and punter, Sophomore Mitch McCarthy, and long snapper, red-shirt Senior Gage King.

When UCF head coach Guz Malzahn (who is two wins away from reaching the milestone of 100) was asked his thoughts he mentioned, “Boomer, what can you say about Boomer, 50, 55 yards and he drilled it” “He’s one of the best kickers in college football… even thought so last year when he was a true redshirt freshman.” This is very high praise coming from one of the most seasoned head coaches in all of college football.

Overall, Boomer is one of the best kickers in the nation if not the best. UCF faces their first BIG 12 opponents of the season at Kansas State. This game will require a collective team effort to pick up the win on the road, especially a big contribution from Colton Boomer as UCF has a big-time matchup ahead and they need every point they can get. Will Boomer slow down, or will he continue Booming his way through UCF? We’ll find out soon and I’ll see you on the Sidelines. Go Knights, Charge On!

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